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Why develop a website with Digital Consulting?

Digital Consulting can give you and your company the best advice according to the needs you may have. According to the experience, we have in the marketing and digital world, we believe we can be the best option to advise you in the structuring of your website. To do this, we carry out an analysis of what you as a company require. Our broad experience in the digital world, our knowledge of SEO and the behavior of the web, help us at the moment of making the proposal to be the best one according to your needs and requirements. We know how important it is to have a presence on the internet, but not any presence, to be strong in what we develop and always seek to be one of the first options within the web searches.

At the moment we live in an era where technology and digital world are ultimately linked, in addition to being critical to apply inside the different companies of diverse industries. Nowadays, the leading showcase for companies is considered the internet, because analog tools, such as phone books have been disappearing over time due to the significant amount of people migrating to the digital era. Analog media consumes more time from the people who uses it; Today, time optimization is something that native digital generations are used to, and previous generations have adapted to. Therefore, having a presence on the internet with a website has become fundamental for all types of companies. It is important to keep in mind that sites should be thought and developed in the interactions that arise with potential clients, keeping in mind that many of them can access from their smartphones, tablets or computers. Knowing that, the importance of having a responsive web design increases. Responsive web design consists in the visualization and excellent navigability throughout the website, where the content and the images are automatically adapted to the device it is entered by.

What benefits does Digital Consulting offer through the responsive website tool?

The main and biggest advantages of this tool are to reduce development time, avoid duplicate content, and increase the virality of content, because it allows you to share them in a much faster and natural way. With Digital Consulting during the process of developing a website, all the features for creating a responsive website are taken into account. Another advantage is the reduction of development and maintenance costs for the site, the benefit that Digital Consulting provides is that a single development is made, making the site adaptable to the different devices automatically.

Do you want your website to be adaptable?

If you implement this tool for your site, you can have a significant increase in views and traffic to social networks. More tan 70% of access to social networks is done through mobile devices (mostly smart phones), which means that if a person wants to interact with a brand through social networks from their smartphone, it will happen in a faster and more efficient way if they find the information quickly on the website. Many of the services offered by Digital Consulting are a world on their own, as they are tools with a large quantity of information; Many of the services we offer, work hand in hand, such as website development, responsive web design, and SEO. If you want to know more about our services do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you.

Can I turn my business into an online store if I already have a website?

Generally, companies start with simple and informative websites because of their limited budgets and equipment. If your company or venture already has a site developed, part of the work is already done. Creating an online store is not a simple task, but with good planning, a little money and a good team willing to program and develop, you can turn a basic site into a high-level website, suitable for your potential clients so they can have access to high-quality multimedia content, quotes and guaranteed purchases in real time with different types of payment. Here are the important sections for a successful online store:

  • Information: presentation of the company, values, and principles. This must be friendly and very open to capture the customers.
  • Catalog: the most important, the price list of products or services. This is where the purchase is generated, so it is always presented in innovative formats, with high-quality images or videos to help generate the definitive click.
  • Purchase Order: The purchase order defines the quantity and type of product to be paid. If you like, you can track the purchase in case the customer does not complete it.
  • Payment Gateway: it is the final stage where several payment methods such as credit card, debit, and even immediate electronic transfers occur. This section requires a secure and anti-fraud system to ensure a successful purchase without setbacks.

These sections are necessary and can be customized according to your needs.