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What is the difference between Social Media and Social Networks and why knowing this is so important for the success of your business?

Despite the proximity of terms and their similar functionality, Social Media and Social Networks are NOT the same, and for you as an entrepreneur or company, it is important to be able to note the differences and identify their correlation for your business. Social networks are all those platforms or applications that generate a connection between communities, publics or audiences; some may be the well-known Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. For its part, Social Media are all those channels and tools that allow the life of social networks, because, through Social Media strategies, your networks can be successful and capture the desired audience based on the objectives set out previously. In a Social Media strategy, each step is previously calculated, and thanks to the great fusion of applications, it is easy to achieve interaction and exchange of content between users, even between different networks that complement each other. It is important not to forget that these days, we live an important growth of population and an incredible boom of different devices such as smartphones or tablets. Millions of people around the world can have access to the great digital universe and therefore to the incredible social networks that thanks to Social Media can become the best way to approach your potential customers in an organic way, and with a much friendlier image of the company to generate higher sales and results.

How does it work and which elements are part of Social Media?

Managing Social Media is not a simple job and unlike social networks, it goes beyond the channel and focuses on the exchange of information, a generation of value through different channels that are specific to a goal and strategic objective. Although many of the companies currently have several active social networks, we are aware that clicks, followers, and interactions do not appear spontaneously. Therefore, Social Media requires a whole strategy of choosing media and content to ensure that your business is connected in the right way, with the right audience, and through the right social networks.

  • Targets: it is important to know what your audience is to define the social media that will cause the desired impact. Focus on capturing followers who are potential buyers and not just a readership.
  • Goals: directing your media to the key objectives of your strategy, and the macro plans of your company are very important to see results integrated with the brand.
  • Coordination: show interconnection and universality, both in the media and in content. Send a uniform message to all customers no matter what channel is used.
  • Retention: it is not just a matter of capturing, it is a question of holding back constantly without pressuring the follower or user. The contents are key to initiate a “conversation” with the potential client.

These elements are key to take into account for the planning and development of a strategy focused on Social Media. Due to the dizzying increase in use and conversion through social media, your company and investors should not lose sight of an adequate investment to implement these channels that are economic, efficient and effective against user

Generate value and profit using strategically the Social Media service from Digital Consulting

The good use of the tools and channels offered by Social Media is no longer an innovative activity, the majority of companies these days are already taking advantage of their best tactics, not only in the sales way but also in the visibility and the positioning of the brand. For Digital Consulting as developers and experts, social networks are an open door to endless possibilities, where you as a company or entrepreneur can respond to specific needs of a segment of the national or international market.

  • The continuous interaction with clients allows identifying several key aspects that can guarantee sales and much publicity for FREE.
  • Immediacy: connect in real time with millions of customers, informing, bidding and selling without moving. Build communities around your products or services.
  • Big Data: accumulate and analyze valuable information for your business and make it part of each of your strategies. Each click is a preference that accumulated by the number of users, can become a trend of the market.
  • Free Trial: Most social media platforms are free and this can become an opportunity to test content, tools, and impact without spending much of your budget.
  • Loyalty: Social networks and Social Media are a great accompaniment tool for clients. Potentiate these media to give a response to your customers to every need they have.

Digital Consulting knows the strengths and power of Social Media, and according to your objectives will create a specialized plan to reach those clients who receive hundreds of daily contents and that for lack of personalization they let pass and do not give the click of conversion that your Company has been waiting for.

Why choose Digital Consulting as a strategic ally to boost Social Media resources in your company?

Digital Consulting focuses on results in sales and new customers, but additionally, we offer to generate lasting interactions and business relationships between our clients and their users, to encompass conversion and loyalty at the same time. With our expertise in specialized digital media development, management and analysis for small and large companies, we will provide you with innovative, different packages that combine alternative tools that fit your goals and budget.

Digital Consulting implements three phases of development to guarantee optimized, creative and attractive social networks:

  • Posting: specially designed for your audience, our posts are constant and published at strategic times.
  • Growth: Increase your impact capacity with our social networks and Social Media optimized.
  • Team: Dedicated 100% to your strategy, expert and selected according to your type of company.

At Digital Consulting, we seek to deliver honest content, sell in a comprehensive manner and always accompany you in all stages of development and evolution of your company.

If you want to know more about our services in Social Media, do not hesitate to contact us.

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