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Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Remarketing

Why is it worth implementing Social Media Remarketing in your business?

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Social Media Remarketing

Why is it worth implementing Social Media Remarketing in your business?

Because using Social Media Remarketing services as a company is generating investment conversion, an improvement in ROI and most importantly, you are taking advantage of all the data generated from your customers off the website, to use it commercially in marketing strategies or plans. But what exactly is Social Media Remarketing and why is it so effective? This methodology is much more than a strategy, it is a media integrated of networks which through the data collected in each visit of users who did not generate a successful conversion (either sale or click), it allows a generation of content, whether it be advertisements or special graphic pieces, which are directly related to the old searches on the site. This information reaches the potential customer automatically and directly through other channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, attracting attention subtly in specific moments and areas of the social network, immediately recapturing it by generating a positive commercial relationship mutually. Social Media Remarketing is the most suitable option for any company regardless of its size or economic industry, is an effective tool for improving the management of E-commerce, control in expenses and especially, brand recall and traffic in digital media.

How do I develop this innovative Social Media Remarketing methodology on my website?

The ideal situation for a strategy of this type, comes from a consumer that among the hundreds or thousands of visits we receive daily on the website, is not interested in generating a conversion. In order not to let this potential client go, and avoid an additional planning of client tracking and placement in other channels, we thoroughly study the profile and behaviors during their navigation on the website, in order to identify the channels or media in which they would be willing to buy or click. Taking this into account, the most used social networks of the potential buyer will be attacked, through advertising or striking content, achieving the desired feedback, whether it involves sales, direct contact or just a like, all according to the objectives of your campaign. Social Media Remarketing is a structured and well-planned strategy that exhaustively selects in the broad web universe, which are the media, schedules and type of publications that relevant audiences prefer for your offer of products or services. In the new market dynamics, innovation, creation and connection, are essential elements in the development of important business from your country of operation to all continents.

How does Digital Consulting know what tools my business needs?

There are thousands of contacts who daily visit websites and who become forgotten or lost because of poor monitoring and low analysis of the data collected. Digital Consulting becomes a strategic ally for your company at this point, because before knowing your target, it is of great interest to know your history, what you expect from us and above all, to know your entire context in depth to suit your needs. Additionally, our knowledge management philosophy allows you and your team to be the protagonists of the process, constantly involving them in the decision making process and direction of the strategy, so that each campaign motivates and strengthens the corporate identity of your business. Digital Consulting’s Social Media Remarketing manages to merge a digital research concept and specific loyalty strategies for new and recurring clients, so that they not only receive the information in a positive way, but additionally share it and continue to live a different experience through the brand. Networks such as Facebook, for example, would achieve 300% more clicks in a fraction of the time, compared to other social networks or traditional digital channels. Keep in mind that along with your team, we will decide a basic budget and you will know the projection of your investment at different times

Is your company ready to recapture and retain thousands of potential customers with our expert help?

If your company wants to go beyond the traditional, Email Marketing or commercial visits, Social Media Remarketing is the perfect opportunity to recover and generate new markets in different economic industries, age ranges, or preferences that according to our analyzes, will allow you to see a wider spectrum of commercial possibilities that would otherwise be very difficult to identify. Digital Consulting and its specialized team, are willing to guide and lead your business to achievable and scalable goals according to results. Achieve billions of clicks for your website and expand your network of networks and take your brand to another level with our services. Our company will be a key tool in generating important and lasting business relationships, maintaining a direct communication and impact with those special clients who could go and work with the competition. The web gives you the data and we at Digital Consulting will deliver the results.
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