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SEO refers to the positioning or optimization of a web page in the different search engines improving the visibility in them. Different search engines like Google, Bing, etc. allow this technique to be applied free of charge and efficiently. The acronym SEO comes from the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. It is known as a methodology that uses technical resources in a creative and ingenious way, obtaining visibility favorable to the clients in search of products or related services with your company. Nowadays, in the majority of cases, the first contact with companies is taking place via the internet, where potential customers enter the company name, a keyword or the name of the product. Therefore, it is important that your business and website have a managed SEO in the best possible way; otherwise, you can be one of the millions of results that appear when searching. Techniques such as SEO are vital to reach more audiences, because having a good selection of words that relate to your company will help appear in the top places of the search engine list, regardless if you are using Google, Bing or Yahoo. An efficient SEO agency in Boca Raton to be your guiding light is Digital Consulting.

What makes SEO effective?

What really makes SEO possible is the team that performs a broad research and analysis to directly benefit from SEO, starting from the visibility of the brand to better understand the factors that need to be considered, here are the main steps to optimize a website for search engines:

  • Tracing: discovery of web content through bots that behave like a regular user and achieve profound and detailed crawls.
  • Indexing: all contents are analyzed and selected according to the positioning factors. Relevance, quality, repetition, images of many of these elements to consider in your site, in order to generate more specialized search indexes.
  • Algorithm: With just one word in the search engine, thousands of algorithms look for the best and most complete indexes for positioning in positive or negative results, according to all the principles considered in the indexing process.

Keeping in mind that these stages are developed by people who have knowledge of this subject, we as a SEO company in Boca Raton are well aware that SEO is not effective by itself. It is the product of the union of forces between computer strategies and a technical team of high experience, who can select, monitor and make decisions that take your website to the first places of the searches.

What benefits does Digital Consulting offer for SEO implementation?

Entrepreneurs and companies are always looking to be updated on all types of web tools that help the growth of the company. It is important not to abuse but to make strategic use of them. Likewise, it is important to be able to delegate the development of strategy, supervision, and management in a safe and effective way to a trained staff, which manages to reach those large audiences that you seek, avoiding common mistakes that can bounce or saturate your website. Digital Consulting, SEO services in Florida is in charge of carrying out a strategy that allows to take your company to the first positions in the search results, in the most organic and less aggressive way possible in front of your client, guaranteeing exponential increases in the visits to your site in a short period of time. Optimal load times, keyword titles, strategically placed phrases and quality multimedia files will be some of the elements that our team will develop.

Do you want to develop an SEO strategy?

Today, the competition is very high, and just like your business, others are continuously developing digital strategies to generate positioning. For this and other reasons, your SEO company in West Palm Beach & Boca Raton starts by structuring a website strategically designed to link not only with SEO strategies but with the collateral actions like Link Building, Social Media, and Blogs; Tools that allow a stronger link with your customers in a straightforward and effective way. Digital Consulting’s strategy is to create Engine-Friendly media as only a few sites are created for optimization tools. The connection between Digital Consulting and your company will be the key to emphasize several basic goals such as generating constant visits, clicks, and traffic. If you want to know more about our services in SEO, do not hesitate to contact us.

Social Media

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube, are only some of the names in the huge list of networks that define communities and their behaviors. Billions of people around the world have access to mobile device or computer equipment, which turns the presence of their brand in these media a necessity. Social Media Marketing is a Digital Marketing tool that merges different social media to establish communication channels and high traffics in the website, generating a moderate visibility of against selected audiences. Branding, reputation and guiding traffic to the website, are part of the long list of benefits of this service that links the customer with the brand. Social Media Marketing agency in Boca Raton redefines the way to reach potential audience, with this tool your business can generate a connection with young people who are always following trends and attractive content, also with those who are interested only in particular issues and do not generate a significant traffic. The high value of this service is in the time factor, interactions in social networks are generated in real time and every word, every like, or click to the network is reflected in mass influence. Social Media Marketing is the opportunity to turn your business into a web trend.

What kind of content can create trend in social media through Social Media Marketing?

According to your type of business, the content and public that wants to be reached are defined. For content to become viral or trends in networks, you need to go beyond advertising and beyond your public, you need to investigate. Knowing the company, the customer, and the competition is fundamental in a Social Media Marketing plan, because with the information collected, we can determine what people want and what exactly would be the most creative way of communicating with them, generating related feelings and emotions with the brand. The social Media Management Company in Florida will make an effective use of social networks and integrate them in a versatile, precise and coherent way, taking into account the following elements:

  • Goals or objectives
  • Budget
  • Strategies and actions
  • Channels and tools
  • Planning
  • Performance meters

Taking the time to define these important success factors is what can differentiate your business from others. As soon as you are more connected to your plan, more effective and efficient will be your arrival to the selected audience.

Digital Consulting is ready to create new ways to reach your final customer

Nowadays, the customer is the center of everything in a business, he is the center of the big effort and continuously work to know its tastes and preferences. Therefore, each of the steps we take to approach it, is studied and analyzed thoroughly in several stages and by different people, who will help decide how that user can be influenced by the content to share it. Companies around the world are now paying more attention to the digital channels of daily use, whether it is to view photos, read information or just listen to music, because through them we get to know our audience’s personality and their specific needs. Selling is one of the objectives of Social Media Marketing, but not the only one. In Digital Consulting, social media services in Boca Raton we are ready to tell you in detail how your investment is being used and how it is performing, always maintaining an open channel of communication of results and changes with your company and your team. If you want to know more about our services of Social Media Marketing, do not hesitate to contact us.

Web Design

Why is it important to have a responsive website?

At the moment we live in an era where technology and the digital world are ultimately linked, in addition to being critical to apply inside the different companies of diverse industries. Nowadays, the leading showcase for companies is considered the internet, because analog tools, such as phone books have been disappearing over time due to migration of significant amount of people to the digital era, since analog media consumes more time. Today, time optimization is something that native digital generations are used to, and previous generations have adapted to. Therefore, having a presence on the internet with the help of a website has become fundamental for all types of companies. It is important to keep in mind that sites should be thought and developed in the interactions that arise with potential clients, keeping in mind that many of them have access to the world from their smartphones, tablets or computers. Acknowledging the fact, the importance of having a responsive web design increases. Responsive web design consists of visualization and excellent navigability throughout the website. Digital Consulting, a web design company in Boca Raton provides responsive web design solutions where the content and the images are automatically adapted to the user’s device.

The principles and features of a responsive web design

The basic rule of a responsive web design comes from the idea of understanding that every website will be opened from devices with different operating systems; hence they are differently coded. Google estimates that 65% of users who do not have a good interaction with a website for not being adaptable to different devices, tend to leave the site immediately and not return ever again. Nowadays, the importance of applying this technique in any design and development is essential, this is a way to guarantee that the content is seen by myriad visitors and the visualization experience offered is the best possible. This helps in reducing, resizing, panning and zooming along the site. Broadly speaking, this tool has the purpose of resizing and placing the elements of the web in a way that adapts to the width of every device, allowing a correct visualization and an overall better experience for the user. We as a web design agency in Florida with proven experience are aware that the first impression is always the most important, so it is necessary to include this tool within the development of any website. Usability is a very important and familiar term in the world of design. It comprises of all the aspects of functionality, practicality, effectiveness and efficiency of an interface towards the consumer. An adaptable website is a well-developed website in the usability level. It is important to take into account this tool, since it lowers the times and steps the user must incorporate. In a slightly more technical language, a responsive website consists of a series of layouts (contents) of CSS3 with half-queries coding.

What benefits does Digital Consulting offer through the responsive website tool?

The main and biggest advantage of this tool is that it helps reduce the development time, avoid duplicate content, and increases the virality of the content. It allows you to share them in a much faster and natural way. Digital Consulting, being a premium web design company in Boca Raton takes into account the important features that must be incorporated in a responsive website. Another advantage is the reduction of development and maintenance costs for the site, the benefit that Digital Consulting provides is creation of single development, making the site compatible for different devices automatically.

Do you want your website to be adaptable?

If you implement this tool to your site, you can have a significant increase in views and traffic to social networks. More than 70% access social network through mobile devices (mostly smart phones), which means that if a person wants to interact with a brand through social networks from their smartphone, it will happen in a faster and more efficient way if they find the information quickly on the website. Many of the services offered by Digital Consulting are a world on their own, having served as web design agency in Florida, the tools offered come with a large quantity of information. Many services offered by us, work hand in hand, such as website development, responsive web design, and SEO. If you want to know more about the offered services do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you.

Google Ads

Transform data into customers, sales and strategic actions with Google Analytics Reports

Every click, word or movement that a user makes on a website, a newsletter, on social networks or apps, generates millions of data that are not usually analized and therefore get lost in the wide digital universe in which we live. Analytics Reporting allows you not to miss the data your customer leaves on the web; through a proper selection of specialized monitoring, measurement and analysis tools, you will collect all that information that’s hard to capture and understand, to give you a statistical report on the behavior of your audiences. The results of an analytical report have the technical capacity to focus and define strategic decisions and actions from your company to your clients and investors. If your business has a website or any type of digital channel that generates interactions with the customers, you need to implement the tools of Analytics Reporting to avoid any mistakes, budgets, and results that do not allow your brand to keep growing. Data is considered time, money, and most of all, power and knowledge. Discover your customers’ most recurring needs and habits, and influence their decisions before they make them.

Can an effective Analytics Reporting strategy be created and developed with one single tool?

Integration is the key to success for Analytics Reporting. The fusion of several tools headed by the Google Analytics platform, allows the information that the users deliver to be understood in a simple and suitable language, so that large and small companies can not only be operationally more efficient, but also commercially more selective and risky.
The main steps that must be followed to be efficient and effective in monitoring and analyzing data on the web are:

  • Identify the audience.
  • Define the acquisition object of the customer.
  • Predict customer’s behavior.
  • Promote the conversion (sales) and brand positioning.

For each of the above steps to be possible, the Analytics Reporting strategy needs the support of the following suggested tools for proper management and development:

  • Keyword selection, search and positioning tools.
  • E-mail Marketing tools and alternative channels of communication.
  • Optimization conversion rates’ tools.
  • Analytics tools that capture and cross information from different sources.

A service as specialized as Analytics Reporting plays a role of guaranteeing goals and objectives toward investors, clients, and auditors; who always look for the origin of the results and answer to questions that nobody asks and that hide the clues of the road that should forge your company to achieve the success you are looking for.

Digital Consulting’s Analytics Reporting tools go beyond capturing customers on the web

For years, companies have moved away from the idea that business is only referred to the purchase and sale of products and services. These days, computerized data analysis tools such as the ones provided by Google Analytics Reporting go beyond the capture of a single customer, they focus on tracking all those people who relate to a particular product or service in an specific area, integrating this with paid advertising, SEO and other web positioning tools.
You will be able to discover the wide functionalities the integrated service of Digital Consulting can bring to your brand:

  • Your customer: Understand the behavior of your consumers.
  • Your future: Anticipate and predict events by the customer or the market.
  • Your reputation: Statistical support for your strategic actions.
  • Your budget: Dynamic investments and adjusted to a goal.
  • Your time: Quick and concrete responses to the customer’s need.
  • Your reward: Follow-up integration in all your digital channels.

Find a balance between your expectations, your decisions and your actions, with the capture of relevant information that will help you generate the expected sales and consolidate your image on the web.

Transform your informative channels into solution sources with Digital Consulting

The uncertainty toward decision-making by a customer who has millions of options 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, generates a high pressure on all departments of a company regardless of the size and sector. In Digital Consulting we are aware of the everyday digital dynamics, and that is why we have the equipment, technique, and knowledge to help you and your business with different perspectives from all areas. On a daily basis, customers evolve exponentially and, like their broad and diverse lists of social media and digital media, they also have diverse and complex ways of making purchases due to the overexposure of product offerings in all the media they use. The quantity and quality of personalized content have transformed the public into strategic allies, loyal to a brand and philosophy. Digital Consulting is aware of the changes and will offer you the possibility to define broad and achievable goals.
If you want to know more about our services in Analytics Reporting, do not hesitate to contact us.

Paid Marketing

What is SEM and what is its difference with SEO?

SEM (Search Engine Marketing), is a set of generally paid strategies and campaigns, that boost the visibility of the brand in the most common search engines, such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. Search Engine Marketing allows you to improve your ROI in the most efficient way, through ads and announcements that these same search engines provide, your website will be easier and faster to find by millions of potential customers and additionally , You can create multifunctional campaigns with a single tool. The SEM and SEO (search engine optimization), although they are closely related because the results they generate are similar, they have several differences, the most important being the number of keywords, and the cost. Because it is a paid traffic, SEM is much more direct and manages to offer the customer several page views at different times by different platforms, which is currently highly valued by companies. Many entrepreneurs have a mistaken idea that is to use SEO only for a matter of savings and to lower the budget, but this is incorrect. A succesful Digital Marketing stratgey contemplates both tools of visibility optimization (SEO and SEM) in the search engines, since they impact to the same audience from different perspectives. SEM contrary to what is believed, is a minimum investment and very effective tool for boosting the evolution of your brand on the web, promoting your products and services, or influencing a purchase or a conversion without paying more.

What elements make a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign effective for my business?

On the web we find millions of options for the same products and services, a situation that confuses and in most cases saturates the customer making him forced to leave the site and make the purchase by another channels. Search Engine Marketing has various paid and not paid optimization tools to capture potential buyers while they perform a search. Because a lot of people is not familiar with the tool, we will explain in more detail why SEM is a technically specialized option to improve the conversions of your site.
The following elements make SEM an effective medium for your business:

  • Keywords: Unlike SEO, SEM does not depend on the website to choose the keywords you want to use, which allows an unlimited amount of them.
  • Click Rate: SEM allows you to continuously increase your click rate and pay only for what you use through Pay Per Click.
  • Time: Immediate results as soon as the campaign is launched. It can be made longer or shorter according to your preference.
  • Flexibility: testing is possible on a constant basis, as all changes and improvements that you consider need to be made are made immediately.
  • Guarantees: it is a safe tool with your data, costs and above all with the quality of your contents, because the goals are achieved quicker through them.
  • Ranking: note how your position in the ranking becomes more dynamic as time passes.
  • Statistics: get daily monitoring of your entire campaign, changes and results that will allow you to modify and improve the way to reach your client.

SEM is one of the most functional ways to catch and influence customers, the dynamism and strategic planning in advance, guarantee results that are maintained over time. SEM integrates with your goals and objectives taking into account all the other tools that you are implementing, avoiding opacity, and taking them beyond their capacity for the benefit of your brand.

Entrust your Search Engine Marketing campaigns with the expert team of Digital Consulting

We know that planning and developing a digital marketing strategy is not an easy task and that’s why Digital Consulting puts at your disposal all the tools and human equipment that will ensure success in your conversions and high return on investment according to your goals and objectives. To achieve this, Digital Consulting will review and analyze in detail each step in your digital marketing strategy and website to find the focus of attention, problematic content and prepare to modify everything according to what Search Engine Marketing needs, keywords that bring clicks and higher conversion rates. Digital Consulting does not work independently to your business, on the contrary, we consider each client as a strategic ally that is able to contribute with ideas and modifications.
Learn the results you can achieve with Digital Consulting SEM:

  • Impact and Detection: detect and capture 50% more potential customers through ads, and paid SEM advertising.
  • Strategic Reading: be present in strategic places of navigation through parallel lists of products where the user can visualize the ads while doing the search.
  • Conversion: achieve a 20% more conversion, sales and clicks by the user on your ads and website specially designed for immediate purchase.
  • Satisfaction: the support, quality and guarantee can be increased by 30% thanks to the integration of channels to attract and capture the customer.

Check the effectiveness of our tools and innovative methodologies and maximize the capacity of your website without problems.

Digital Consulting realizes the benefits of SEM for your company

In Digital Consulting we know that the budget is limited and the capacity of your staff sometimes is just as limited, that is why we, as experts in this tool, want your business, website and brand to be strategically positioned in rankings and searchers around the world. Achieving it requires a simple but very specialized process, which you can obtain with your investment through Digital Consulting. Take your valuable time to improve different aspects of your company and leave us in charge of your visibility and online sales with the needed knowledge.
If you want to know more about our services in SEM Search Engine Marketing, do not hesitate to contact us.

Email Marketing

What is the Importance of an Email Marketing Campaign? It enhances and fosters specific audiences.

As business people or entrepreneurs, daily information is received from hundreds of people, companies or brands, either through events or through digital channels, thousands of contacts who may well become business partners or potential customers for your company. Many of these relationships are often saved in a list of Excel, a report, personal cards or just forgotten in a folder in your office or mobile device. To maximize and transform these databases into actual sales, Email Marketing is the tool to use. It is a strategy with a small investment in which through an ESP (Email Service Provider), you automatically send thousands of emails in an easy, fast and secure way, reaching large and specially selected audiences, without the risk that your email is rejected or marked as spam. Striking newsletters, announcements, and attractive offers are some of the channels used by Email Marketing to keep companies connected with their customers. In addition, Email Marketing campaigns have an extra benefit of collecting and analyzing data based on the content. This turns out to be valuable information that helps to strengthen and direct the company’s E-commerce strategy in an economical and effective way.

Why developing Email Marketing campaigns with Digital Consulting guarantee they are innovative and different?

Every day we receive a lot of emails that saturate our personal or corporate inboxes, a lot of this information may not be attractive to the customer, which generates a rejection reaction, being this negative for the brand. To avoid this kind of reaction, Digital Consulting develops each of the campaigns based on specific guidelines and the best service providers in the market that support our innovation, differentiation and, above all, personalization skills:

  • Detailed report and analysis of data of reading, rejection, and blocking of emails.
  • E-mail sending automation through schedules according to the public.
  • Integration of tools and additional content formats.
  • Comparative testing between audiences through tests with specific contents.
  • Deliverability and security for your domain.

The key to an effective campaign is to reflect the brand in a professional and commercial way, using all the resources so that each piece has an advertising functionality and manages to connect with the public in a positive way.

Do you have an extensive database and want to turn it into sales?

Today’s databases come from different media and channels, and usually, they want to be exploited by the companies in an economically viable and efficient way regarding times. Thus, many Email Marketing platforms with all the tools necessary for you to generate campaigns and content yourself are being created. Digital Consulting goes beyond the technicality of Email Marketing, processes, drafting, design and all the specific graphic work, and starts being part of a global planning with innovative methodologies that do not allow competition of any kind. Digital Consulting is responsible for the process from beginning to end, to advise and be with you in every decisión-making step, to reach the best results, so both the brand and the consumer are fully satisfied. If you are interested in knowing more about our services, especially about Email Marketing, do not hesitate to contact us.