Know Remarketing and how it can become a strategic ally for your business

Remarketing is a service that directly impacts your advertising strategy or web ads. This type of service also known as Retargeting offers customization and tracking through ads targeted only to users of your website who were interested in some products but did not generate conversion. As entrepreneurs or companies, it is important not to let potential customers go, although they seem few, they can become a relevant market opportunity for your business. Remarketing guarantees scalable results that will be highly valued by suppliers and investors, as all people who have passed through your site, will receive non-aggressive, “organic” advertising and suggestions to boost and influence an immediate sale. Short navigations and products that remain in the shopping cart are some of the most visible characteristics of this type of customers, Remarketing uses a series of tools to reduce the visits to your website or online store, and become a Commercial channel constant in time and that can generate permanent income to you and your business.

How does a Remarketing campaign works focused on capturing undecided clients?

One of the primary objectives of Remarketing is precise to recapture users who enter, navigate and leave, drawing their attention and directing them towards products or services of their interest so that they do not hesitate to make a conversion. Creating a Remarketing campaign requires several phases and servers, Google Adwords, Adroll, among others, target audiences by their location, preferences and specialized tracking data. To achieve this, your Remarketing campaign should integrate the following tools:

  • Advertisements: Base and center of the entire campaign, paid advertising and ads with flashy content that can be published very frequently and only pay for the return of clicks.
  • Banners and Cookies: Monitor the preferences and trends of your target audience to analyze them and make better decisions.
  • Filters: Through tags or special codes create filters that allow you to obtain lists of more specific audiences and according to your objectives.
  • URLs: Classify the links that can generate a greater impact according to the audience, always taking into account the content of their interest in previous visits.
  • Visitors: The more visitors you have on your website, the more data and information will be generated in order to reach them more directly. This element is crucial and greatly influences the success of your campaign.

Along with these tools and proper planning and development, your Remarketing campaign can boost and unleash your e-commerce strategies, capturing hundreds of potential customers who just need a little push to become regular users of your websites.

Why are Digital Consulting Remarketing campaigns so effective?

Digital Consulting is an expert in digital tools for recapturing customers and positioning new or long-term brands in the market. Hundreds of clients have given us great experiences and also keys to perfect our “Know How” and focus our efforts on exceptional strategies for any type of company and public. Our Remarketing campaigns are different and innovative, implementing and complementing your Digital Marketing or E-commerce strategies and adding value through the following components:

  • Exclusivity: unique content in unique ads. Tracking potential customers with strategies designed exclusively for you and your audience.
  • Notification: Remind your users that you and your offers are still there. We will not let your customer forget the brand.
  • Quantity: hundreds, thousands, millions of customers, that depend on the quantity and quality of the contents. Extend untapped audiences and potentiate your market day to day, month by month.
  • Measure: We do not pretend to overwhelm the users, limit the quantity and boost quality is our main objective.
  • Costs: With Remarketing, you only pay for the results obtained, generate up to 300% of ROI and evolve in your goals.

Digital Consulting is possible thanks to the confidence and results obtained by different companies in different sectors. Trust your clients and good results to our expert team, who is willing to be part of your strategies as an advisor and developer of all your requirements.

More buyers, more sales and more money for your website with Digital Consulting's Remarketing

We know that your brand wants more and better numbers for sales reports and results, for this reason, Digital Consulting will have all the tools necessary to take you to those goals that you can see unreachable. With specific actions of our qualified and specialized team, it will be just another fulfilling task within your Digital Marketing strategy. Leave in our hands the visibility and effectiveness of your digital channels, capturing users from all over the world who can become loyal followers and customers of your offer of products and services. Open up new opportunities and save lots of money with Digital Consulting.

If you want to know more about our services in Remarketing, do not hesitate to contact us.