Improve your social network performance with the Profile Optimization service

Usually, we only talk about improving and enhancing the content and elements of websites or Landing Pages, but we do not talk the same way about social networks, channels that ultimately generate traffic redirecting to the main sites of your business. Social networks can count on millions of followers who are connected all day. Hence your company needs to be presented in a very special way in your main profiles, to capture members and make them part of a community that is unique and special. In many cases, this topic may not be relevant in the digital marketing strategy, but it should. Your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and others social networks are free, massive and influential tools for hundreds of potential customers, not only in around you but in the whole world. Profile Optimization allows your social networks to have constant and scheduled refresh of small content such as photo, headlines and a whole series of specific content specially developed for specific campaigns or dates. Thousands of young people, from adults to elders, use their social networks to find a solution to everyday problems that their company may be facing. These audiences are following the updates, changes and new contents of their profiles, that is why Profile Optimization in your networks is no longer an option, it is now considered a basic element of visibility and retention of followers. Because of its importance, its great capture capacity and its economy and strategic impact in front of the audience, the optimization of social networks is a key activity for the success of your company’s Digital Marketing strategy.

Do not abandon your social networks and potentiate your conversion capabilities

Many companies that do not have digital channels of purchase such as online stores or websites with e-commerce, often neglect much their image and visibility in the different social networks that may have active. A Facebook page or a Twitter profile without constant updating is a channel of communication that is going unnoticed in front of millions of users. To avoid this type of situation and to be able to generate greater amounts of conversion, you as the leader along with your team should take these aspects into account:

  • Branding: Branding your social networks is important; the colors, the profile, and the cover photo, should always communicate something, reflecting and making visible the company’s image and offer of products.
  • Linking: Each of your active social networks needs to be a channel to drive traffic to other networks, add Ads or alternative content in other channels or websites to redirect traffic to them.
  • Content: each section must go with the appropriate and required contents of the social network, always with an original and short text that delivers the information in a clear and straightforward way.
  • Integration: keeping the social networks connected between them is key, the images, contents and graphic design, must be integrated and uniform.

Every step you take in social networks is widely visible and can affect positively or negatively your public, brand, and products, do not hesitate to optimize your profiles in a systematic way and to reflect the goals of your business and digital planning.

Wake up your passive social networks with Digital Consulting's Profile Optimization

Companies from all sectors have some or all of their social networks currently in airplane mode, which means they are created and count with some information, but they are not active and do not impact in any way to their followers. Digital Consulting with its specialized team, prevents this from happening and after an evaluation and definition of goals along with your company, make strategic decisions by putting into action a customized Profile Optimization plan to reactivate all social networks. Some of the most outstanding results that you will be able to notice when Digital Consulting acts on your social networks are the following:

  • The positioning of the brand: visibility of its image in several moments and in a direct way to the client.
  • Higher Conversions: Social networks with direct online sales tools ensure faster conversions without relying on the website.
  • Increase your audiences: address broader markets you may not have contemplated with globally optimized social networks.
  • Secure investment: designate a base budget for the specific goals and have control over your investment.
  • Multichannel integration: integration of social networks and main digital channels like website, blogs or Landing Pages.
  • Free trials: test and get to know your client in detail with free research and testing tools in your social networking profiles.
  • Multifunctional tool: social network profiles that influence, communicate and sell.

Make your social networks an ally for your company with Digital Consulting’s Profile Optimization

Do not wait for your competition to have more followers or be a trend in your country, take concrete actions, a little of your budget and time, and invest in a solid strategy of optimization. Remember that a potential buyer does not need to click to know, just by seeing your profile, reading your information and seeing your main contents consumers can either fall in love or completely throw away your company. Every movement is vital, and Digital Consulting knows it; our specialized team can define what elements you need to capture that user who could become a recurring client. Support your strategic plans and benefit from free social networks through the advisory, management, and development of experts in Profile Optimization like Digital Consulting.

If you want to know more about our Profile Optimization services, do not hesitate to contact us.