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Why is it important to you use Paid Advertisement or Pay Per Click Ads services on your website?

The implementation of this tool is necessary because, in a time where telephone directories or agendas are no longer used, the first option to find a product or service is to do a web search; this  can usually deliver millions of results in a few seconds, even if these are not the ones you are looking for. In this digital age, people seek to access information in an easy and fast way, and that is exactly the internet does. Paid Advertisement is a strategy made up of several tools that charge costs per goal achievement such as PPC (Pay Per Click), Retargeting, Remarketing and many others that are assigned with a budget according to the needs. These prevent potential customers from finding on the web different options not according to your business, products or services that you offer, ensuring a privileged visibility to those consumers who are ready to buy safely and quickly. We know that in a digital age, like ours, we already have helpful tools such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that despite being effective and able to attack a large number of users, is not aimed at customers interested in particular topics of the type Company, nor does it pretend to retain, recapture or continue to investigate unknown audiences, these elements can be achieved with our Paid Advertisement services.

How does a Paid Advertisement strategy work?

A strategy of Paid Advertisement seeks to optimize the visibility of a company on the web through mentions by keywords or direct advertising to a specific audience. It is, therefore, of great importance that the market segment is well defined, this will prevent the message from reaching the wrong audience. To achieve a Paid Advertisement strategy, several phases must be completed. Initially, in order to know which tools to use, it is necessary to define which channels want to be covered and what objectives want to be achieved, ideally, they should be measurable, for example, number of visits to the web or an amount of sales generated by digital channel. As a second phase, we will rigorously study the overall strategy of the company, to know more thoroughly if the goal proposed previously is what you really need; the collection of this information is systematic and direct. Subsequently, most importantly, the budget, a factor that defines the success of the ROI (Return Of Investment), the amount to invest can be medium or high according to what is needed at the time of the development of the campaign. Finally, the strategy is generated and executed in the chosen media, always carrying a data tracking and analysis that allows to carry a measurement of the user’s behavior against the contents generated. This is of great help at the time not only to strengthen the traffics and site rankings, but also the strategic use of Paid Advertisement tools in the future. Among the most common channels nowadays, through which you can perform the Paid Advertisement are mainly social networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Google also offers the option with Google Adwords.

Why develop a Paid Advertisement campaign with Digital Consulting?

A Paid Advertisement strategy is developed according to clear objectives and always focused on achieving results that positively impact the brand and the client. Digital Consulting counts on a team of specialized work in each stage of the process, who will accompany and advise on every doubt or inconvenience that is presented, maintaining a constant and fluid communication that guarantees service and total customer satisfaction. As developers, we seek to tailor each campaign to the consumer and to the type of business, generating a greater network of potential clients and a sustainable path to success in a market with a lot of competition and an offer of high-quality products, services, and innovation.

Do you want to know more about our Paid Advertisement service?

The experience and expertise of the services of Digital Consulting make us reliable, secure and above all, effective in reaching the objectives previously set. Paid Advertisement tools are direct and perform specific functions within the digital marketing strategy. However, the implementation of these tools require a lot of time and monitoring that many companies can not count on, so you can leave your business, institution or multinational company in the hands of experts. In this way, the concept of success is redefined, by a permanent work in trends, vanguard and new contents. If you or your company are interested in this service, do not hesitate to contact us to advise you in the most efficient way.

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