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Landing Page Optimization

What is a Landing Page and why do you need LPO (Landing Page Optimization?

Landing Page Optimization

What is a Landing Page and why do you need LPO (Landing Page Optimization?

Unlike traditional websites, mini sites or home pages, a landing page is a secondary page or extension page that supports a main website. It is a channel of strategic capture of potential customers, which is presented as a call-to-action tool, or a call to action for a digital marketing campaign. As a vital channel for generating conversion, in recent years there has been a need in various markets to invest in addressing traffic to these types of sites to support and generate better results in sales and to viralize a specific product or service, which has been advertised on social networks, or web ads. In order for a landing page to become the final tool of a sale, we use what we call LPO (Landing Page Optimization), a series of strategies that take into account the quality and creativity of content, graphic and aesthetic presentation, making the task of convincing the customer much easier and more effective.

Boost the product that has not had good results with Landing Page Optimization

If you have an offer of products or services that have not had the attention and response you expected from your customers, do not hesitate to create a concrete and attractive landing page, which, supported by a good management of Landing Page Optimization, manages to identify the qualities and customers indicated for a certain type of product; with the help of the following guidelines you, your page and your company will achieve the expected results:

  • Contents and languages ​​of value: users feel closer and identified with pages that use clear and warm language in their call to action.
  • Strategic approach: identify what elements of my Landing Page are necessary and which ones do not contribute significantly to my goals.
  • Expectation Vs Reality: nothing more daunting than a great expectation through advertising, and finding a Landing Page of low quality and that does not solve the user’s problem.
  • Confidence and security: a client seeks a Landing Page that responds to their needs in a professional and close way, generating a sense of familiarity with the offer of products or services.
  • Test to win: using different tools such as A/B testing, will evaluate and give you even more support to your decisions and strategies of capture and retention of customers.

Compliance with these guideline are just a few of the ways to achieve proper optimization and get consistent traffic and conversions at your landing site or Landing Page.

Why are Digital Consulting's Landing Page Optimization services so effective?

Optimized Landing Pages are a simple, economical and very effective way to capture all those clients that usually pass through your main website without noticing  it, with this tool they can focus without elements of distraction in a single product and in a single service that can activate your brand.

Now, you will know about Digital Consulting’s Landing Page Optimization allied tools, which with a small investment will become a safe and motivating strategy for your team and investors:

  • High Conversion: A properly optimized landing page is the best way to generate conversion, sales and visibility in front of your customers.
  • SEO Enhancement: Empower your Search Engine Optimization of all action, movement and organic navigation that is generated in your Landing Page.
  • Social Media: Landing Page Optimization’s favorite ally are the social networks, platforms with constant high traffics where paid ads are a highly effective way of generating navigation on Landing Pages.

Digital Consulting’s Landing Page Optimization tools, along with support media and our specialized team, are ideal for integrating all the elements that form part of a digital marketing strategy that allows you to obtain conversion faster and more efficiently.

Digital Consulting's optimized, eye-catching and multifunctional landing pages will surprise your customers immediately

Your company and our development team will be our guide and baseline for the creation and optimization of Landing Pages, which capture the attention in a clear and concrete way, without elements that confuse the customer with unnecessary information or tools. The staff of Digital Consulting, has a broad of experience and will put all their knowledge so that each click is a step forward of strengthening and generating income for your business. Be competitive and do not miss the opportunity to optimize not only your Landing Page, but also your digital marketing campaigns and annual sales plan.
If you want to know more about our services at Landing Page Optimization, do not hesitate to contact us.

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