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Social Media Remarketing

Why is it worth implementing Social Media Remarketing in your business?

Influencer Marketing

How does Influencial Marketing helps my brand?

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Influencer Marketing

Why does everyone talk about influencers and how does it help my brand?

Things have changed since we saw big and famous people only in magazines, billboards or television commercials, and although these types of channels are still valid, now is the Influencer Marketing through the social networks the responsible for boosting and influencing large numbers of users. Young and old people, men or women of any age, race or profession can become influencers of large audiences and when we refer to large, we speak of millions of people impacted with just one picture. At the moment, the role of a public figure can be represented by a famous model, a charismatic sportsman or just any ordinary person, who by having any type of talent can reach thousands or millions of followers in a single social network: Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook or Youtube. To capture these broad quantities of people directly could have sounded far-fetched years ago, but it is now a reality with the Influencer Marketing service, one that allows small, medium and large businesses to achieve more direct sales and a personalized consumer approach. With the Influencer Marketing brands from all economic sectors, can move specific audiences into social networks for a fraction of the cost of advertising or traditional ads, getting better and faster results.

Why do people trust Influencer Marketing so much?

The high-influence social profiles usually do not come from big celebrities, movie stars or television, they originate from young people (usually) who are emerging to set trends in fashion, food, video games or any subject that comes close to the everyday life of people. Important studies on digital marketing have shown that consumers prefer to buy a product or service that has been promoted directly or indirectly by some kind of influencer, as this gives them a sense of confidence and closeness. Influencer Marketing has generated concepts like “Instagramers” or “Youtubers”, people who have used the big or small brands, to indirectly crave and create needs in users who otherwise ignore the companies’ articles. Along with this new wave of digital stars, there are trends that drive the mass consumption of certain products, such as Fitness. Influencer Marketing goes beyond what you want to sell, the influencer is a role model that drives buying behavior and impacts the digital market to a large extent. A social media strategy based on an Influencer Marketing can be that innovative option for your brand, it brings the possibility of being a company that sells products that can be used by all types of people and that position their quality and content in highly active publics in the web.

Create communities of potential clients with the Influencer Marketing by Digital Consulting

We live and connect through a very busy digital universe that informs, sells and relates people, products and also lifestyles. For brands to be part of this great window of sales and business opportunities is no easy task, because making many people talk and buy without much effort seems almost impossible. Digital Consulting converts your highest expectations into realities, managing to identify all those virtual celebrities or influencers to make your brand become viral in a short period of time.

To achieve an effective Influencer Marketing campaign Digital Consulting develops the following key steps:

  • Digital Marketing Plan: We believe that any step that is taken must go hand in hand with a plan or strategy that defines goals and objectives.
  • Identification: we investigate through various tools that measure and filter the influence of specific accounts of social networks that are key to capture the desired audiences. Klout or Follower Wonk are just some of the tools we use to reach the influencers your brand needs.
  • Contents: we create contents that are attractive enough to call the attention of the influencers with the social profiles with more followers
  • Contact: we contact and we are in charge of generating strategic relations with these influencers, to generate free or paid alliances according to your plan.
  • Programming: we create the schedules with times and programmed deadlines of results.

Rely on our tools and let us guide you towards a successful strategy against your potential consumers in social networks, with Influencer Marketing.

Influence the audiences that interest you most and generate more sales with the help of Digital Consulting

For Digital Consulting, the use of Influencers is a key aspect nowadays where many of the commercial results depend on the positioning and acceptance of your products or services in digital channels. It is important for us as expert consultants that you know your strengths and how to evolve along with those positive aspects that we can identify. Every action has a big impact on your sales and we are here to guide you and develop one that offers you the most benefits and results.

If you want to know more about our services at Influencer Marketing, do not hesitate to contact us.

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