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What is SEM and what is its difference with SEO?

SEM (Search Engine Marketing), is a set of generally paid strategies and campaigns, that boost the visibility of the brand in the most common search engines, such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. Search Engine Marketing allows you to improve your ROI in the most efficient way, through ads and announcements that these same search engines provide, your website will be easier and faster to find by millions of potential customers and additionally , You can create multifunctional campaigns with a single tool. The SEM and SEO (search engine optimization), although they are closely related because the results they generate are similar, they have several differences, the most important being the number of keywords, and the cost. Because it is a paid traffic, SEM is much more direct and manages to offer the customer several page views at different times by different platforms, which is currently highly valued by companies. Many entrepreneurs have a mistaken idea that is to use SEO only for a matter of savings and to lower the budget, but this is incorrect. A succesful Digital Marketing stratgey contemplates both tools of visibility optimization (SEO and SEM) in the search engines, since they impact to the same audience from different perspectives. SEM contrary to what is believed, is a minimum investment and very effective tool for boosting the evolution of your brand on the web, promoting your products and services, or influencing a purchase or a conversion without paying more.

What elements make a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign effective for my business?

On the web we find millions of options for the same products and services, a situation that confuses and in most cases saturates the customer making him forced to leave the site and make the purchase by another channels. Search Engine Marketing has various paid and not paid optimization tools to capture potential buyers while they perform a search. Because a lot of people is not familiar with the tool, we will explain in more detail why SEM is a technically specialized option to improve the conversions of your site. The following elements make SEM an effective medium for your business:
  • Keywords: Unlike SEO, SEM does not depend on the website to choose the keywords you want to use, which allows an unlimited amount of them.
  • Click Rate: SEM allows you to continuously increase your click rate and pay only for what you use through Pay Per Click.
  • Time: Immediate results as soon as the campaign is launched. It can be made longer or shorter according to your preference.
  • Flexibility: testing is possible on a constant basis, as all changes and improvements that you consider need to be made are made immediately.
  • Guarantees: it is a safe tool with your data, costs and above all with the quality of your contents, because the goals are achieved quicker through them.
  • Ranking: note how your position in the ranking becomes more dynamic as time passes.
  • Statistics: get daily monitoring of your entire campaign, changes and results that will allow you to modify and improve the way to reach your client.
SEM is one of the most functional ways to catch and influence customers, the dynamism and strategic planning in advance, guarantee results that are maintained over time. SEM integrates with your goals and objectives taking into account all the other tools that you are implementing, avoiding opacity, and taking them beyond their capacity for the benefit of your brand.

Entrust your Search Engine Marketing campaigns with the expert team of Digital Consulting

We know that planning and developing a digital marketing strategy is not an easy task and that’s why Digital Consulting puts at your disposal all the tools and human equipment that will ensure success in your conversions and high return on investment according to your goals and objectives. To achieve this, Digital Consulting will review and analyze in detail each step in your digital marketing strategy and website to find the focus of attention, problematic content and prepare to modify everything according to what Search Engine Marketing needs, keywords that bring clicks and higher conversion rates. Digital Consulting does not work independently to your business, on the contrary, we consider each client as a strategic ally that is able to contribute with ideas and modifications. Learn the results you can achieve with Digital Consulting SEM:
  • Impact and Detection: detect and capture 50% more potential customers through ads, and paid SEM advertising.
  • Strategic Reading: be present in strategic places of navigation through parallel lists of products where the user can visualize the ads while doing the search.
  • Conversion: achieve a 20% more conversion, sales and clicks by the user on your ads and website specially designed for immediate purchase.
  • Satisfaction: the support, quality and guarantee can be increased by 30% thanks to the integration of channels to attract and capture the customer.
Check the effectiveness of our tools and innovative methodologies and maximize the capacity of your website without problems.

Digital Consulting realizes the benefits of SEM for your company

In Digital Consulting we know that the budget is limited and the capacity of your staff sometimes is just as limited, that is why we, as experts in this tool, want your business, website and brand to be strategically positioned in rankings and searchers around the world. Achieving it requires a simple but very specialized process, which you can obtain with your investment through Digital Consulting. Take your valuable time to improve different aspects of your company and leave us in charge of your visibility and online sales with the needed knowledge. If you want to know more about our services in SEM Search Engine Marketing, do not hesitate to contact us.