Turn your company into a multinational business with the Geolocation Display

These days large companies or Startups seek to reach the greatest number of customers possible through alternative channels and using methodologies different from the traditional focus of service exchange. One of these is Geolocalization, a functionality of API (Application Programming Interfaces) that allows to identify through IP addresses, the geographical position and exact coordinates of length and latitude of a potential client that is browsing on any website. These data can be used by any company to offer the products or services that are closest to or suitable for buyers in a particular area; this is called LBS (Location Based Services). Currently, the profit is not in the sale itself, but in the quality of the data collected on the users, creating specialized and effective selling experiences according to their culture and local market. In the digital universe, every click is key to the collection of valuable information that will later be the pattern to follow to make successful business decisions not only for your company but also for your suppliers and strategic allies.

How do Geolocation Display tools work?

For the proper functioning of this tool, it requires the activation of particular properties of the JavaScript object, HMTL, and the geolocation APIS. Depending on the equipment (computer or mobile) and compatibility with the browser, IP addresses, Wi-Fi networks or location technologies such as GPS are used to start the geolocation process. This type of service is very precise when the scripts and navigator.geolocation objects of the device or media used by the user apply the three key methods:

  • Get Current Position.
  • Watch Position.
  • Clearwatch.

Other elements such as the authorization of the consumer to use their location, can generate a plus when having more accurate information and avoid positioning errors. Sometimes the network infrastructure of the hosting providers only provides general information about a large area, not the specific city, province or location of the required geolocation object. However, to continue to take advantage of it and bring the best content associated with the potential customer, some alternative strategies are used, such as manual location selection, activated website cookies or many more specialized ones.

If my company only runs in my country, could I also acquire this web geolocation service with Digital Consulting?

Regardless of the country or continent in which you are, you can always use this service. The need sometimes is not whether your company or client is located in Bogota or New York, is that thousands of mobile applications or websites, need location data to operate, to generate specific costs per zone, or dispatches product, shipping or transport according to the sector. Having location data is not only functional for a large corporation that handles customers around the world, but it is also equally effective for any type of business, with clients located in the same city or country. Digital Consulting’s Geolocation Display goes beyond technology, research and effective development to be more connected with the expectations of the final customer and you as a provider of this service. This is a service, which due to its high level of expertise, requires a specialized team and specific knowledge of development language of sites and digital applications for all types of browsers and platforms. The correct and customized development of the right tools for your business is the secret of its usability, since the key is not where the customer is, but what you want to know about it, and what kind of information you require so that your site can generate sales and additional collection of valuable data in the future.

If Digital Consulting activates this service in my web or application, what benefits can I obtain for myself or my clients?

The advantages are innumerable, since having the possibility of arriving in a personalized way to a customer is a luxury not everyone has access to. Automatic content by zone and language customization, are just some of the many advantages of having a specialized work team such as Digital Consulting. The Geolocation Display has a series of tools that need time to research and develop strategies rigorously, to boost the functionality of your web resource by more than 200%, no matter the public or service. The benefits are transversal and integral; image, memory, satisfaction and most importantly, information, data, records and statistics, which can take your product or service to the most unexpected places with the same quality as if they were sold in your own factory. If you want to know more about our services in Geolocation, do not hesitate to contact us.