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Email Marketing

What is the Importance of an Email Marketing Campaign?

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Email Marketing

What is the Importance of an Email Marketing Campaign? It enhances and fosters specific audiences.

As business people or entrepreneurs, daily information is received from hundreds of people, companies or brands, either through events or through digital channels, thousands of contacts who may well become business partners or potential customers for your company. Many of these relationships are often saved in a list of Excel, a report, personal cards or just forgotten in a folder in your office or mobile device. To maximize and transform these databases into actual sales, Email Marketing is the tool to use. It is a strategy with a small investment in which through an ESP (Email Service Provider), you automatically send thousands of emails in an easy, fast and secure way, reaching large and specially selected audiences, without the risk that your email is rejected or marked as spam. Striking newsletters, announcements, and attractive offers are some of the channels used by Email Marketing to keep companies connected with their customers. In addition, Email Marketing campaigns have an extra benefit of collecting and analyzing data based on the content. This turns out to be valuable information that helps to strengthen and direct the company’s E-commerce strategy in an economical and effective way.

Why developing Email Marketing campaigns with Digital Consulting guarantee they are innovative and different?

Every day we receive a lot of emails that saturate our personal or corporate inboxes, a lot of this information may not be attractive to the customer, which generates a rejection reaction, being this negative for the brand. To avoid this kind of reaction, Digital Consulting develops each of the campaigns based on specific guidelines and the best service providers in the market that support our innovation, differentiation and, above all, personalization skills:

  • Detailed report and analysis of data of reading, rejection, and blocking of emails.
  • E-mail sending automation through schedules according to the public.
  • Integration of tools and additional content formats.
  • Comparative testing between audiences through tests with specific contents.
  • Deliverability and security for your domain.

The key to an effective campaign is to reflect the brand in a professional and commercial way, using all the resources so that each piece has an advertising functionality and manages to connect with the public in a positive way.

Want to know more about us?

Today’s databases come from different media and channels, and usually, they want to be exploited by the companies in an economically viable and efficient way regarding times. Thus, many Email Marketing platforms with all the tools necessary for you to generate campaigns and content yourself are being created. Digital Consulting goes beyond the technicality of Email Marketing, processes, drafting, design and all the specific graphic work, and starts being part of a global planning with innovative methodologies that do not allow competition of any kind. Digital Consulting is responsible for the process from beginning to end, to advise and be with you in every decisión-making step, to reach the best results, so both the brand and the consumer are fully satisfied. If you are interested in knowing more about our services, especially about Email Marketing, do not hesitate to contact us.

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