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What is an E-commerce?

Any exchange of products or services that are closed electronically or through transactions and digital invoicing on a website is considered an E-commerce. This tool originated from the need of business people and entrepreneurs to offer safely and quickly their products or services to anyone and anywhere in the world 24 hours a day. Quality, good service and a continuous evolution of the brand are some of the requirements that a company needs to achieve digital sales through electronic channels. E-Commerce is a great opportunity for any business to get into new markets, a media to reach untapped audiences, low traffic hours and above all, to pursue a single objective, to sell through the website, generating more traffic, constant cash flows and privileged visibility in front of the customer.

Can I turn my business into an online store if I already have a website?

Generally, companies start with simple and informative websites because of their limited budgets and equipment. If your company or venture already has a site developed, part of the work is already done. Creating an online store is not a simple task, but with good planning, a little money and a good team willing to program and develop, you can turn a basic site into a high-level website, suitable for your potential clients so they can have access to high-quality multimedia content, quotes and guaranteed purchases in real time with different types of payment. Here are the important sections for a successful online store: Information: presentation of the company, values, and principles. This must be friendly and very open to capture the customers. Catalog: the most important, the price list of products or services. This is where the purchase is generated, so it is always presented in innovative formats, with high-quality images or videos to help generate the definitive click. Purchase Order: The purchase order defines the quantity and type of product to be paid. If you like, you can track the purchase in case the customer does not complete it. Payment Gateway: it is the final stage where several payment methods such as credit card, debit, and even immediate electronic transfers occur. This section requires a secure and anti-fraud system to ensure a successful purchase without setbacks. These sections are necessary and can be customized according to your needs.