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Community Management

Since the birth of all the social networks, there has been the need to manage them in an appropriate way, including planning, technicality and quality content to make them attractive to specific audiences. With so many possibilities in this digital age, there are also two important roles born: Community Management and Social Media Marketing, cross-concepts that many companies cannot differentiate, affecting their strategic social network planning. Community Management, unlike Social Media Marketing, has nothing to do with digital marketing, or any type of business strategy. It is focused only on generating and retaining communities of followers, readers or potential clients of specific audiences that your brand seeks to impact. Community Management is therefore more of an activity of interrelating and quality management, as it seeks to generate follow-up and strengthening of digital channels so that your company can position itself and connect effectively with the users, creating strong and lasting ties with them.

What are the key elements of the Community Management service?

A company that wants to sell and wants to position itself in networks, gaining readers and clients, needs an excellent team of Community Management that is responsible for taking care of the brand and generating important commercial relations. As a heart and soul of the brand, Community Management seeks to make communication and interactions more human and it complements very well with the Social Media Marketing strategy. The elements that guarantee good results in your social networks from the service of Community Management are the following:

  • Listen: identify and assess the needs of users in social networks.
  • Build: Build relationships where good communication and constant information are elements of success.
  • Reflect: learn to analyze the behavior of the market and consumers around social networks.
  • Evaluate: evaluation against the goals and objectives previously proposed, to make change decisions.

From the general service of Community Management, an important role is derived. It is known as Community Manager: a facilitator, moderator and supervisor of the activities of the social networks and its users. As a monitor of the communities that the brand has generated, this position develops the following basic functions:

  • Management and updating: management and generation of content and copies that are in line with the strategy of Digital Marketing of the company.
  • Measurement of SEO and SEM: tracking the positioning of digital channels on the web.
  • Evaluation and reports: collection of results and numerical data against the behavior of all the social networks the person is in charge of.

Trust the potential of your social networks with optimal management of Digital Consulting's Community Management

Digital Consulting within its expert team, has community managers specialized by type of business and type of social network. Not all community managers can handle Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn at the same time because the content is too big. Digital Consulting can manage all Corporate or interactive social media that your company requires. As digital consultants, we focus on two main items:

  • People: connection, interaction and commitment to human beings behind devices and social networks. As humans in Digital Consulting, we create human communities from the digital channels.
  • Contents: multimedia and texts ideal to capture the emotion and information that the user wants. These contents are important to generate discussion and feedback among followers.

A social network without proper management of Community Management, is like a Smartphone without navigation data, they become obsolete and do not generate valuable contributions to the brand and its followers. In this digital age, no business can afford to waste free digital tools that can have significant investment returns, visibility and above all, the creation of specific collectivities for their targeted market.

Turn your social media into strategic tools with Digital Consulting

With Digital Consulting, you can give your digital channels the opportunity to transform information into money, attracting and retaining consumers that in the long run will positively impact your reputation as a brand and company. As experts in digital marketing and social networks, we know that a community manager is not enough, we need strategic decisions and planning, along with a team capable of multitasking to reach the target audiences and generate sales and defined goals.

At Digital Consulting, we seek to deliver honest content and results, to reach and connect in an integral way and always accompany you in all stages of development and evolution of your company.

If you want to know more about our services in Community Management, do not hesitate to contact us.

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