What is Citation Creation and why is it so important nowadays?

The web, as well as the social networks, have become channels of dissemination and communication vital for all economic and academic sectors, as they directly impact large audiences that in other times would have been very difficult to achieve. Nowadays, big public figures, influencers, bloggers, or political and academic characters, talk about short-term issues that are of general interest and use the Citation Creation or citation of contents as indispensable tools to direct followers and readers in general to the right sources, no matter if they come from Facebook, Twitter or Google +.

The virtual communication of today is an interaction that stopped being basic, to evolve to a channel of exchange of relevant information every second that is embodied in digital media, printed, press and academic works; Key elements to take into account in marketing and planning strategies of any brand or company. The most used format in the world to cite content is the American Psychological Association (APA), who have adapted to the new digital channels and additionally updated the way to make the citation of sources more effective and of greater impact against readers and followers.

The sources mentioned are highly valued by millions of users and thanks to a good development of the Citation Creation, they can become buyers or followers of your offer content, products or services.

What types of Citation Creation are there and which can I use to benefit my business?

Some years ago, quoting author’s content was an easy task, there were only websites and these, in general, did not generate much interaction, now the diverse social networks that exist in the digital universe, go from the best known Facebook and Twitter, to the most used and innovative such as Instagram and Snapchat. These media connect millions of users worldwide and generate unimaginable amounts of content that must be cited and referenced to help the search and positioning in different media of the text where they are used.

According to the APA, there are 3 ways to cite author content in social networks:

  • As general URL: the use of only the link in the text is enough for references to the source and it is not necessary to include a bibliography. Just the URL or link in parentheses.Example:
    Astronomer Patrick Jones has positioned himself as an exponent of great value in social networks like twitter, in his last trill he tells us about life on Mars (
  • As a paraphrase or personal content: sometimes the security settings prevent the exchange of information or a correct citation of URLs, for this reason, it should be cited as a personal communication usually without a link but with the author, date and year.Example:
    Patrick Jones (personal communication, April 10, 2017) speaks in many of his publications about the possibility of setting up human communities on Mars.
  • Cite text and reference: the most usual is when there is a quote or paraphrase with an available URL. This type of quote is well positioned in searches and is the most used in printed or digital content. To do this correctly, the following basic information should be cited:
    • Author (Last name, First) or its user in the associated social network.
    • Date (Year, Month, Day) for related content, otherwise, only the year.
    • Title (Name of the page or Caption) describe the content and name of the home page or social network.
    • Source (URL) directly quote the source link of the content.Example:
      Jones, P [Patrick. (2017, April 10). We celebrate the arrival of Apollo 11 to the Moon on this special day. It’s been over 20 years since this great feat for science and astronomy [Facebook Status Update] Retrieved from

Citing in a correct manner will guarantee formal and technically guaranteed content for any type of publication. Social networks generate a lot of valuable information and can support content on printed or digital channels in any format.

How does Digital Consulting make Citation Creation more effective and far-reaching?

Digital Consulting is aware of the short time available for a person or a company to perform these works of citations of contents for publications. Digital Consulting presents itself as a great ally to make the ideal Citation Creation for positioning in searches and references in texts, whether commercial or academic.

In Digital Consulting, we use “citation machines” that help us quote in a professional and massive way texts to improve and facilitate the search for researchers, readers or followers of your contents. The following are the elements that we consider for a suitable citation:

  • Style: varied formats such as APA, MLA, Chicago and others.
  • Search: selection of lists of results.
  • Editing: edition and modification of quotes for work or content written technically or informally.
  • Channel: according to the social network we identify the appropriate way to make content citations.
  • Creation: creation of content with the quotes rules of author and origin.

Digital Consulting additionally also offers some technical strategies to guarantee that quotes go according to the norm and that they achieve the objectives set by the client. In our company, we have the ideal team to carry out any activity and you as a client will participate in the complete process.

Save time and money with Digital Consulting's Citation Creation service

Digital Consulting has been in the market for several years and has covered a wide range of clients from different sectors who have taught us that it is very valuable to have strategic planning for each product or service. We consider important to invest in a specific service such as Citation Creation, but it is more important to have a specialized advisor who knows how to define the impact of each action and the business lines in which we can implement it with the same budget generating greater savings. In digital Consulting, we work with a high reasoning and ability to retrieve citations and origins to support your content. This way it is possible to develop and publish written content for different media that are up to date and technically ready to be used by you and the consumers.

If you want to know more about our services at Citation Creation, do not hesitate to contact us.