Analytics Reporting


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Analytics Reporting

Transform data into customers, sales and strategic actions with Google Analytics Reports

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Analytics Reporting

Transform data into customers, sales and strategic actions with Google Analytics Reports

Every click, word or movement that a user makes on a website, a newsletter, on social networks or apps, generates millions of data that are not usually analized and therefore get lost in the wide digital universe in which we live. Analytics Reporting allows you not to miss the data your customer leaves on the web; through a proper selection of specialized monitoring, measurement and analysis tools, you will collect all that information that’s hard to capture and understand, to give you a statistical report on the behavior of your audiences. The results of an analytical report have the technical capacity to focus and define strategic decisions and actions from your company to your clients and investors. If your business has a website or any type of digital channel that generates interactions with the customers, you need to implement the tools of Analytics Reporting to avoid any mistakes, budgets, and results that do not allow your brand to keep growing. Data is considered time, money, and most of all, power and knowledge. Discover your customers’ most recurring needs and habits, and influence their decisions before they make them.

Can an effective Analytics Reporting strategy be created and developed with one single tool?

Integration is the key to success for Analytics Reporting. The fusion of several tools headed by the Google Analytics platform, allows the information that the users deliver to be understood in a simple and suitable language, so that large and small companies can not only be operationally more efficient, but also commercially more selective and risky.

The main steps that must be followed to be efficient and effective in monitoring and analyzing data on the web are:

  • Identify the audience.
  • Define the acquisition object of the customer.
  • Predict customer’s behavior.
  • Promote the conversion (sales) and brand positioning.

For each of the above steps to be possible, the Analytics Reporting strategy needs the support of the following suggested tools for proper management and development:

  • Keyword selection, search and positioning tools.
  • E-mail Marketing tools and alternative channels of communication.
  • Optimization conversion rates’ tools.
  • Analytics tools that capture and cross information from different sources.

A service as specialized as Analytics Reporting plays a role of guaranteeing goals and objectives toward investors, clients, and auditors; who always look for the origin of the results and answer to questions that nobody asks and that hide the clues of the road that should forge your company to achieve the success you are looking for.

Digital Consulting's Analytics Reporting tools go beyond capturing customers on the web

For years, companies have moved away from the idea that business is only referred to the purchase and sale of products and services. These days, computerized data analysis tools such as the ones provided by Google Analytics Reporting go beyond the capture of a single customer, they focus on tracking all those people who relate to a particular product or service in an specific area, integrating this with paid advertising, SEO and other web positioning tools.

You will be able to discover the wide functionalities the integrated service of Digital Consulting can bring to your brand:

  • Your customer: Understand the behavior of your consumers.
  • Your future: Anticipate and predict events by the customer or the market.
  • Your reputation: Statistical support for your strategic actions.
  • Your budget: Dynamic investments and adjusted to a goal.
  • Your time: Quick and concrete responses to the customer’s need.
  • Your reward: Follow-up integration in all your digital channels.

Find a balance between your expectations, your decisions and your actions, with the capture of relevant information that will help you generate the expected sales and consolidate your image on the web.

Transform your informative channels into solution sources with Digital Consulting

The uncertainty toward decision-making by a customer who has millions of options 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, generates a high pressure on all departments of a company regardless of the size and sector. In Digital Consulting we are aware of the everyday digital dynamics, and that is why we have the equipment, technique, and knowledge to help you and your business with different perspectives from all areas. On a daily basis, customers evolve exponentially and, like their broad and diverse lists of social media and digital media, they also have diverse and complex ways of making purchases due to the overexposure of product offerings in all the media they use. The quantity and quality of personalized content have transformed the public into strategic allies, loyal to a brand and philosophy. Digital Consulting is aware of the changes and will offer you the possibility to define broad and achievable goals.

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