Website Developement

As a company focused on digital marketing, we are aware how important it is to know the customer well. Since the first contact we have with you, we will focus on understanding perfectly what you are looking for, and propose a befitting solution.

Targeted Media

To understand Targeted Media, we must first understand who our Target Audience is. A target Audience is a group of people with specific interests and characteristics who are particularly interested in the product or service you are offering.

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The implementation of this tool is necessary because, in a time where telephone directories or agendas are obsolete, the first option to find a product or service is by performing a web search.

What we Offer

Email marketing

As business people or entrepreneurs, daily information is received from hundreds of people, companies or brands, either through events or through digital channels, thousands of contacts who may well become business partners or potential customers for your company. Our Digital Marketing Agency in Boca Raton is here to provide you the best digital marketing services.


Remarketing is a way to connect with potential audience. It allows you to cleverly show ads to the targeted audience that had previously visited your website. It is famed as a cost-effective way of advertising and luring visitors to make purchase. Remarketing & Internet Marketing in Boca Raton is adeptly aided by Digital Consulting.

Local SEO

Everyone is talking about SEO today, but what is its importance?
SEO refers to the positioning or optimization of a web page in the different search engines improving their visibility. Different search engines like Google, Bing, etc. allow this technique to be applied free of charge and efficiently. Digital Consulting, a Digital Marketing Agency in West Palm Beach will provide you with the best Local SEO service.

Social Media Remarketing

Since using Social Media Remarketing services as a company has generated investment conversion, aided improvement in ROI and most importantly, data generated from your customers off the website is present for your use to incorporate it commercially when devising marketing strategies or plans.

Reputation Management

It is common to see that people, aside from interacting in a positive way with their digital channels, have become critical and experts in highlighting the defects of your content or even worse, your offer of products and services.

GEO Targeting

These days’ large companies or Startups seek to reach the greatest number of customers possible through alternative channels and using methodologies different from the traditional focus of service exchange. Digital Consulting, a Digital Marketing Agency in Boca Raton provides you Geo targeting services that work to your optimum satisfaction.

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-Website Development

Nowadays we live in a world where technology is the key, and the fact of being in the digital world is crucial for small as well as medium and large companies. If you as a company have aroused interest in someone, the person becomes a potential customer. If this possible client turns out to be a Millennial, who by intuition and nature search everything online. Is sure to perform a web search on you, and if you do not have a website, you immediately loose credibility.

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At Digital Consulting we know our Clients’ Business. We apply our extensive Background in Sales, Marketing and Technology creating an unique-differentiated value added. Our International Team of Designers, Developers and Partners make Digital Consulting’s Products and Services Competitive and Efficient. We take pride in being the best Digital marketing Agency in West Palm Beach.

The Founders’ combined background in Sales, Marketing and Technology translate in an unique- differentiated value added for their clients.

An international team, developers and partners made Digital Consulting’s Products and Services Competitive and Efficient.